Innovative Hires, LLC 

About Us

Our team has decades of corporate and small business recruiting experience.  We have worked at and recruited for Fortune 100 companies as well as new start-ups.

Some of our methods in finding those hard-to-find candidates include:

1.  Working with you to create an ideal candidate profile.  This will help target the individuals desired and reduce the flood of resumes.  

2.  We target passive candidates who are currently happy in their roles.  These candidates are not posting their resume on line, or in an active job search.  These are typically the top performers in a company.

3.  We use sourcing tools that most companies can not afford.  We also have the experience to know where to find these high value candidates.

4.  We do the selling for you and don't waste your time.

5.  We submit a portfolio to the hiring manager that includes a resume, the interview notes, match to ideal candidate profile, compensation needs, and other key data. 

6.  We will manage the candidate up through their first day.  We provide background checking, and a complete reference check.


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