Innovative Hires, LLC 

Candidate Resources

Our goal is to match candidates to the right company.  We work with companies to find the top 10% of all employees.  If this is you, we will work very hard to find your next career.  To help us get you ready for this journey, we offer a number of suggestions and resources.

1. Our Data Base

We use a data base to track all candidates who apply.  On the Jobs tab you will see a list of open positions.  If you apply to any position we will have you on file for current and/or future openings.

2. Resume

We recommend you get professional help on designing your resume.  The majority of resumes we see require a lot of work.  First impressions are critical in getting a recruiter to review your materials.  We are including Resumewriters as our preferred vendor.  However, there are others online.   

3. Books

We have selected a number of books on Amazon that will help you prepare for your interview, including questions to ask, what to wear, and how to research your target company.  We will review these before your first interview.  
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